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Hydrostatic Test Plugs
Thaxton, a division of Hy-Tech Engineered Solutions, Inc. specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of high quality, high pressure test plugs used in hydrostatic testing of pipe flange installations, weld outlets in pipe, and on pressure vessels since 1959. Traditionally, Thaxton high pressure test plugs serve the petrochemical industry, power generation, shipbuilding and repair, and OEM fabricators with a broad line of standard high pressure test plugs. The popularity of Thaxton's original patented plug continues to grow as the "Plug of Choice" used to test the integrity of pipe, tubing, and weld joints around the world. Test plugs are held in place by the steel grips which hold against the inside or outside wall of the pipe when the nut is tightened. At the same time, the neoprene seal cup is compressed to make a tight seal. Thaxton offers numerous types and sizes of high-pressure test plugs ranging from 1/8” to 24” in diameter on standard internal pipe stoppers. Thaxton also offers external high pressure pipe stoppers between sizes 1/4" and 12” which fit on the outside diameter of the pipe. Standard pipe test plugs are factory tested up to 3,000 PSI depending on size. Special sizes and higher pressures can be supplied per customer requirements. New seal kits can be purchased for every high-pressure test plug to prolong the life of your “Plug of Choice.” Every test plug must be accompanied with one of our safety gags to prevent the plug from firing out of the pipe if over pressurization occurs. As we continue to embrace new technology, Hy-Tech is expanding into the aerospace and nuclear power industries developing a custom line of specialty products for each of these markets. Innovative and precise engineering enables Thaxton high pressure test plugs to be a proven leader for hydrostatic pressure test plugs.

Hydrostatic Test Plugs

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