ATP, a division of HY-TECH Machine Inc., has manufactured quality replacement parts for pneumatic tools since 1923.

ATP offers a complete line of hand held power and air tool replacement parts to compete in today’s “World Market”.Just as we’ve become your source for air tool solutions, you can count on ATP for quality impact sockets shipped the same day.

ATP’s Ozat Impact Sockets are unique. The Ozat electrochemical machining process makes Ozat’s less-stress™ sockets the most durable products available anywhere in the world.

In 1987, ATP partnered with OZAT Tools Ltd. to become the exclusive wholesale distributor of their premium quality impact sockets and accessories for the U.S. market. OZAT’s unique ECM Manufacturing process produces the toughest, most durable sockets available anywhere.

When you call, ask us about the ATP range of American made, Industrial Grade Impact Wrenches, Heavy Duty Chipping Hammers, and Ozat Impact Sockets.

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Founded in 1957 as the Air Tool Service Company, ATSCO has grown into much more than the name might imply. With superior service as one of our primary focuses, ATSCO continually strives to develop tools and motors more efficiently by listening to its customers and creating a product they require. ATSCO creates a product designed to be the best. With air tools created 25-years ago still in use today, ATSCO proves its commitment to making a quality, long-lasting product for our customers. Today, ATSCO’s capabilities expand across a broad range of pneumatic equipment and we stand by our reputation as the leader in air tools and OEM motors.




Thaxton Standard Pipe Stoppers are Factory Tested up to 3000 PSI depending on size. Special sizes and higher pressures can be supplied per customer requirements. Stoppers are held in place by the steel grips holding against the inside wall of the pipe when the nut is tightened. At the same time a neoprene seal cup is compressed to make a tight seal. New neoprene seals may be purchased directly from the factory, thus prolonging the useful life of a Thaxton Pipe Stopper almost indefinitely.

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In the very early 1900’s the Kincaid brothers gained the patent for the Eureka Syphon. The Eureka Syphon technology was purchased in the 1960’s by American Metallic and Machine Company and then in 1990 they became a division of Thaxton, part of Hy-Tech Machine. The decision to use Eureka syphons brings with it almost 100 years of jet pumping experience.

Eureka syphons are an excellent choice for most pumping applications. They satisfy many large pumping jobs in their compact design. No electric energy is needed to operate the syphons making them ideal for remote applications when steam pressure is available. Eureka syphons disassemble into three easy pieces for ease of maintenance. Installation is quick because of their standard thread sizes.

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Quality Gear and Machine began operations in 1990 as a gear manufacturer comprised of just two employees, supplying gears and splined shafts to a wide range of manufacturing applications and has since expanded into a complete gear production and machining facility with 12 full time employees.

In 2001 Quality Gear was acquired as a division of Hy-Tech Machine Inc. located in Cranberry Township, Pa, a world wide leader in the manufacture of pneumatic air tools. Quality Gear manufactures many of the air tool components such as gears and splined shafts that are used in the assembly of a full range of air tool products for both our own ATP brand other major pneumatic tool brand label tools manufactured at the Hy-Tech facility.

In addition to machining our own production components, Quality Gear and Machine continues as a job shop servicing a vast range of industrial customers including Mining, Agricultural, Environmental, Material Handling, Electrical Switchgear and Machine repair related operations. We provide production parts in larger quantities and continue to manufacture gear related parts in small quantities to meet all our customers needs.

Quality Gear and Machine takes pride in providing our unique gearing related manufacturing services, replicating old and obsolete gears, sprockets, and splined shafts from samples or customer drawings. Through reverse engineering, Quality Gear and Machine can manufacture new parts comparable to the original manufacturer’s specifications for a variety of applications.

Our state-of-the-art CNC equipment and in-house CAD/CAM expertise, enables us to offer improvements in clients’ designs and enhancement of manufacturing efficiency. Our belief is simple, be effective. Our combination of comprehensively trained personnel with today’s technology is what places Quality Gear and Machine among the leaders in the gear machining world.

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