Hy-Tech Machine designs, engineers, reverse engineers, and manufactures mechanical devices and assemblies for unlimited applications. Our products are used in the world’s harshest environments that truly test the durability of our products. Our products are found in critical applications serving the fabricated metals, power generation, petrochemical, ship building, construction, refinery, railroad, and mining industries. With the in house ability to design, engineer, and manufacture across many different industries , Hy-Tech Machine provides improved and more efficient ways to make better products that lasts longer, costs less, and meet customer requirements and demands.

Hy-Tech’s manufacturing capabilities include the following:

• Specialize in small to mid-size precision component manufacturing
• 5-axis machining capability
• A combination of 100 CNC and manual machines
• In house gear design with cutting, broaching, shaping, and hobbing capabilities
• 3D solid modeling design software
• Dynamo meter for motor performance testing
• High capability vendors for heat treating, plating, and castings (sand, investment, and die) within a 90 mile radius of our plant
• Full turn key supplier capabilities



HY-TECH MACHINE, INC. is excited by high technology and the opportunity for the precision and high quality it presents. We chose our name deliberately.

Our 50,000 square foot facility represents a growth oriented contract machine shop which produces quality metal parts and assemblies.

Complimenting our proficient production area is a computerized customer service network, enhanced with personnel who care about the customer and about HY-TECH.

Our reputation is built on a commitment to precision in production and excellence in service. From ferrous to non-ferrous, mild carbon steel to the stainless group; alloy and tool steels; castings, all grades of aluminum, copper, brass, and bronze.



HY-TECH has a well-earned reputation for a particular expertise in the area of hardened and ground parts. Our depth of experience in terms of years as well as types of parts manufactured, coupled with a broad range of equipment, enables us to provide tolerances as close as +.0002 inches. Precision grinding is our “specialty within.”



Our belief in the effectiveness of the combination of comprehensively trained personnel and today’s technology places HY-TECH among the leaders in a constantly changing and challenging field.

Our CNC equipment,including turning, milling and grinding centers, is state-of-the-art and HY-TECH computer based in-house programming and our CAD/CAM expertise and equipment enables us to offer improvements in customers’ designs and to enhance manufacturing efficiency. This translates into cost effectiveness for HY-TECH and cost savings for customers.



Our equipment is state-of-the-art. Visitors to our facility are impressed by its attractiveness and the efficient layout of the production area. Our inventory control and ordering procedures are computer driven but it’s our people who make the difference. From courteous and caring office and production personnel to engineering and quality assurance professionals, the people at HY-TECH care about our products and our clients. It’s the HY-TECH person who makes this company special.



From the design, production, and assembly of complete units to sub-assembly; from large parts to small; HYTECH does it all. We combine the planning, programming, production, and equipment capabilities of a large company with the personal attention afforded by a small organization. HY-TECH’s production program affords first-rate customer flexibility.



HY-TECH’s commitment to high quality and to satisfying the most exacting needs on both machined parts and assemblies begins with computerized routing and extends throughout our production network. Our sophisticated quality assurance program includes both equipment and highly skilled, full-time inspectors. We can provide appropriate certifications and documents for critical applications.



We are a full service facility. In addition to our in-house capabilities, we carefully select sources to provide heat-treating, plating, impregnating, gear cutting, destructive and nondestructive testing. Final inspection by HY-TECH assures customer satisfaction. We are innovative, yet precise. For service from a company excited by high technology, call upon HY-TECH MACHINE, INC.